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Control of Pig Reproduction IX

Control of Pig Reproduction IX

Recent Developments in Porcine AI & ET

bp0019cpr9 | Recent Developments in Porcine AI & ET | CPR2013

Fixed time artificial insemination in gilts and sows. Tools, schedules and efficacy

Driancourt M.A.

Fixed time insemination is a strategy that may facilitate batch management of swine units. After briefly discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the drugs available to induce ovulation in swine and their optimal timing of administration, the reproductive performance of a scheme combining ovulation induction and a single fixed time artificial insemination will be described for gilts and sows. In gilts, this single fixed time insemination regimen includes a GnRH ago...

bp0019cpr10 | Recent Developments in Porcine AI & ET | CPR2013

Current progress in non-surgical embryo transfer with fresh and vitrified/warmed pig embryos

Martinez Emilio A , Gil1 Emilio A , Cuello Cristina , Sanchez-Osorio Jonatan , Gomis Jesus G , Parrilla Inmaculada , Angel Miguel A , Rodriguez-Martinez Heriberto , Lucas Xiomara , Vazquez Jose L , Vazquez Juan M , Roca Jordi

Embryo transfer (ET) should play a critical role in the pig industry because it allows the movement and introduction of new genetic material into a herd with minimal risk of disease transmission and reduced transportation costs. In addition, embryo movement could prevent the potential health and welfare problems associated with transporting live pigs. Although the first successful ET was reported more than 60 years ago, the commercial use of this procedure in pigs is sti...