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About Bioscientifica Proceedings

Bioscientifica Proceedings provides open-access publication of full, peer-reviewed conference proceedings”. Users can search across conferences to find relevant, citable papers, all free to access and available in perpetuity, extending the life of a conference.

Articles are published with a CC-BY licence unless otherwise indicated.

Bioscientifica Proceedings provides authors with an individually citable publication that is highly visible.

Authors benefit from no page or colour limitations, and will retain copyright of their work. Support for writing papers can be found in the author centre, alongside a template to help structure articles.

Citing papers
To cite papers from Bioscientifica Proceedings, please make sure you include the names of the authors, year of publication, title and the fact that it is from Bioscientifica Proceedings, including the volume number. You may also wish to include the name of the conference.

For example:
Nother A 2017 Fibrolasts and tissue remodelling: Defining a role for fibroblasts in the persistence of chronic inflammation. Bioscientifica.Proc. 1 1-10


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