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Control of Pig Reproduction IX

Control of Pig Reproduction IX

Pregnancy, Parturition and The Neonate

bp0019cpr13 | Pregnancy, Parturition and The Neonate | CPR2013

Sow influence on neonatal survival: a special focus on colostrum

Quesnel Hélène , Gondret Florence , Merlot Elodie , Loisel Florence , Farmer Chantal

The main cause of early postnatal deaths in piglets is hypothermia due to an inadequate intake of colostrum. Colostrum consumption is the outcome of complex interactions between the sow, the piglet, the litter and the environment. The sow may have an impact on many factors that are determinant for colostrum intake and chances of survival, such as piglet weight, maturity and vitality at birth, or within-litter variation in birth weight. Colostrum intake also depends on th...

bp0019cpr14 | Pregnancy, Parturition and The Neonate | CPR2013

Determining piglet survival

Baxter Emma M. , Edwards Sandra A.

The sow, piglet and their environment interact together to determine whether or not a piglet will survive to weaning. The physiology of the mother and offspring, as well as the synchronized expression of their appropriate behaviours, is integral to piglet survival and both are governed by genetic and environmental components. This review discusses the multifaceted nature of piglet survival, concentrating on the environmental factors that pre-dispose prenatal (stillborn) ...

bp0019cpr15 | Pregnancy, Parturition and The Neonate | CPR2013

How does nutrition influence luteal function and early embryo survival

Langendijk Pieter , Peltoniemi Olli

The pre-ovulatory LH surge triggers luteinisation of follicle tissue, but subsequent development of corpora lutea to full size is independent of LH up to around day 12 of pregnancy. Thereafter, severe (pharmacological) inhibition of LH secretion for 3 to 5 days will result in luteal failure and loss of pregnancy. It is unlikely that nutritional circumstances will have a similar effect, although scenarios with severe undernutrition have hardly been studied during early pr...

bp0019cpr16 | Pregnancy, Parturition and The Neonate | CPR2013

Roles of selected nutrients in development of the porcine conceptus during pregnancy

Fuller W. Bazer Fuller W. , Jinyoung Kim Jinyoung , Gwonhwa Song Gwonhwa , Hakhyun Ka Hakhyun , Guoyao Wu Guoyao , Johnson Gregory A. , Vallet Jeffrey L.

Conceptus development in mammals depends on an intra-uterine environment filled with histotroph that includes molecules that are secreted by uterine epithelia and/or selectively transported into the uterine lumen. In pigs, total recoverable glucose, fructose, arginine, leucine and glutamine increase in histotroph with advancing days of the peri-implantation period of pregnancy and in allantoic fluid later in gestation. During pregnancy, the uterine luminal epithelium (LE...