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Control of Pig Reproduction IX

Control of Pig Reproduction IX

Oocyte-embryo Interplay with in vitro or in vivo milieu

bp0019cpr5 | Oocyte-embryo Interplay with in vitro or in vivo milieu | CPR2013

Embryo-maternal relationships during the periimplantation period – new and old players

Blitek A. , Kaczmarek M.M. , Waclawik A. , Ziecik AJ. ,

This review attempts to integrate available data on embryo-maternal communication during maternal recognition of pregnancy and implantation in the pig. Progesterone (P4) is an essential hormone that makes the uterus receptive to accept conceptuses for implantation and subsequent placentation. As well as P4, the receptive stage of the endometrium is further primed by paracrine factors secreted by the conceptus prior to and during implantation. Oestro...

bp0019cpr6 | Oocyte-embryo Interplay with in vitro or in vivo milieu | CPR2013

Transcriptional profiling of oocyte maturation and embryonic development elucidates metabolism and control of development

Prather Randall S. , Brown Alana , Spate Lee D. , Redel Bethany K. , Whitworth Kristin M. , Whyte Jeffrey J.

With the advent of next generation sequencing platforms (RNA-seq), transcriptional profiling permits the characterization of millions of RNAs from even the most limiting samples like early embryos. High-throughput RNA-seq can generate over 600 gigabases (Gb) in a single sequencing run, providing a near-complete record of all of the genes expressed in a sample at the time of collection. Condensing and finding coherence in the immense amount of raw data generated by transc...