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Publish conference proceedings

If you are planning a conference in the biomedical field, why not publish the full proceedings in Bioscientifica Proceedings?

You will maintain editorial control of the proceedings and Bioscientifica will supply templates and full guidelines for you to manage the process from inviting authors, through peer review, revision and submission of the accepted articles to Bioscientifica.

You have the option to include an editorial or conference report in the proceedings to give a holistic overview of the conference. This will be published online together with the Table of Contents and Abstracts with links to the full text.
Using a volume of Bioscientifica Proceedings for your conference proceedings offers you:

  • A permanent, citable record of your meeting
  • Free unrestricted access for readers worldwide
  • Editorial control of content
  • High visibility
  • Conference editorial published online with the proceedings
  • Unlimited numbers of pages and unlimited use of colour for each article

The cost is based on the number of articles published in the proceedings volume. For a quotation please contact us.

Please give as much information as you can, including the date of your meeting and an estimate of the number of articles expected.

Other services

We offer a number of other services to support you in planning your conference, such as publishing your abstracts or even managing your entire conference for you.
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