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Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants VI

Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants VI

Fetal-maternal Interactions

bp0006rdr24 | Fetal-maternal Interactions | REDR2006

Fetal-maternal interactions during the establishment of pregnancy in ruminants

Spencer TE , Johnson GA , Bazeru FW , Burghardt RC

This review integrates established information with new insights into molecular and physiological mechanisms responsible for events leading to pregnancy recognition, endometrial receptivity, and implantation with emphasis on sheep. After formation of the corpus luteum, progesterone acts on the endometrium and stimulates blastocyst growth and elongation to form a filamentous conceptus (embryo/fetus and associated extraembryonic membranes). Recurrent early pregnancy loss in the ...

bp0006rdr25 | Fetal-maternal Interactions | REDR2006

The effects of maternal nutrition around the time of conception on the health of the offspring

Oliver MH , Jaquiery AL , Bloomfield FH , Harding IE

The incidence of prematurity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease have been increasing in both the developed and developing world. Increasing numbers of human studies suggest that these serious health outcomes may have developmental origins originating from nutritional deficits in the periconceptional period, with maternal nutrition around the time of conception now shown to have important effects on the length of gestation, trajectory of fetal growth and on postnatal growth a...