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Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants VI

Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants VI

Embryo Gene Expression

bp0006rdr22 | Embryo Gene Expression | REDR2006

Gene expression analysis of single preimplantation bovine embryos and the consequence for developmental potential

Ruddock-D'Cruz NT , Hall VJ , Tecirlioglu RT , French AJ

Preimplantation embryo development typically involves sequential morphological events connecting embryonic cleavage, morula compaction and blastocyst formation, and occurs in parallel with transcriptional regulation, specifically, the maternal to embryonic transition. The underlying homeostatic and metabolic mechanisms governing embryo development are influenced by both genetic and epigenetic factors that respond to environmental stimuli and may impact development during later...

bp0006rdr23 | Embryo Gene Expression | REDR2006

Gene expression in elongating and gastrulating embryos from ruminants

Hue I , Degrelle SA , Campion E , Renard J-P

In ruminants, more than 30% of the embryonic losses observed after artificial insemination (AI) have an early origin, coincident with a marked elongation of the trophoblast which occurs before implantation. Several observations provide clear evidence that early elongation of the conceptus relies on cell multiplication, cell growth and cell shape remodeling. Recent results indicating an intense multiplication of a non-fully differentiated trophoblast, which still expresses ...