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bp0017cpr17 | (1) | CPR2005

Influence of semen on inflammatory modulators of embryo implantation

Robertson S.A. , O'Leary S. , Armstrong D.T.

Insemination transmits to the female reproductive tract constituents of seminal plasma that target uterine epithelial cells to activate a cascade of inflammatory and immunological changes. Experiments in rodents show seminal factor signalling acts to 'condition' the female immune response to tolerate the conceptus, and to organise molecular and cellular changes in the endometrium to facilitate embryo development and implantation. The active factors in seminal plasma are ...

bp0001redr14 | (1) | REDR1980

Hormonal and cellular interactions in follicular steroid biosynthesis by the sheep ovary

Armstrong DT , Weiss TJ , Selstam G , Seamark RF

Summary. Studies of isolated cell types from sheep follicles revealed several functional changes which occur during follicular maturation. Cyclic AMP production by granulosa cells from the smallest follicles studied (1–3 mm diameter) was stimulated by FSH but not by hCG, suggesting functional FSH receptors at this early stage of differentiation. Medium-sized follicles (4–6 mm) responded to both FSH and hCG. Granulosa cells were unable to synthesize a...