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bp0003rdr23 | Regulation of Gonadotrophin Secretion | REDR1994

Negative feedback regulation of the secretion and actions of GnRH in male ruminants

Tilbrook AJ , Clarke IJ

The roles of testicular hormones in the negative feedback regulation of the secretion and actions of GnRH in male domestic ruminants are reviewed, concentrating mainly on research conducted with rams. Testicular steroids have major feedback actions directly at the hypothalamus to inhibit the secretion of GnRH, although it is apparent that, under certain circumstances, the steroids also have actions directly at the pituitary gland. Further research is necessary to delineate the...

bp0017cpr14 | (1) | CPR2005

Stress, cortisol and reproduction in female pigs

Turner A.I. , Tilbrook A.J.

Two key hypotheses emerge in the literature regarding the impact of stress on reproduction in females of any species. First, prolonged stress impairs reproduction in females. Secondly, acute stress impairs reproduction, if it occurs at a critical time during the precisely timed series of endocrine events that induce oestrus and ovulation. We reviewed studies conducted in female pigs to find support or opposition for these hypotheses in female pigs. We also considered the...

bp0002rdr13 | Inhibin | REDR1990

Inhibin in rams

Clarke IJ , Tilbrook AJ , Galloway DB , Earl CR , Findlay JK , de Kretser DM

Abstract unavailableKeywords: inhibin; male; reproduction; gonadotrophins; FSH© 1991 Journals of Reproduction & Fertility Ltd...