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Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants II

bp0002rdr9 | Inhibin | REDR1990

Identification and purification of inhibin and inhibin-related proteins

Knight PG

Abstract unavailableKeywords: inhibin; activin; follistatin; isolation; characterization© 1991 Journals of Reproduction & Fertility Ltd...

bp0002rdr10 | Inhibin | REDR1990

Inhibin and oestradiol in the control of FSH secretion in the sheep

Baird DT , Campbell BK , Mann GE , McNeilly AS

Summary. In the sheep both FSH and LH are necessary for development of large antral follicles. The secretion of FSH is controlled by the negative feedback effect of two ovarian hormones, oestradiol and inhibin, acting at the level of the anterior pituitary. Both are derived from the granulosa cells of large antral follicles which are present in sheep ovaries throughout the oestrous cycle. FSH stimulates growth and mitosis and so the fully differentiated granul...

bp0002rdr11 | Inhibin | REDR1990

Peripheral and intragonadal actions of inhibin-related peptides

Findlay JK , Clarke IJ , Luck MR , Rodgers RJ , Shukovski L , Robertson DM , Klein R , Murray JF , Scaramuzzi RJ , Bindon BM , ’Shea TO , Tsonis CG , Forage RG

Abstract unavailableKeywords: inhibin; activin; follistatin. αN peptide; ovary; follicle; corpus luteum© 1991 Journals of Reproduction & Fertility Ltd...

bp0002rdr12 | Inhibin | REDR1990

Inhibin and secretion of FSH in oestrous cycles of cows and pigs

Taya K , Kaneko H , Watanabe G , Sasamoto S

Abstract unavailableKeywords: inhibin; oestradiol; cow; pig; FSH© 1991 Journals of Reproduction & Fertility Ltd...

bp0002rdr13 | Inhibin | REDR1990

Inhibin in rams

Clarke IJ , Tilbrook AJ , Galloway DB , Earl CR , Findlay JK , de Kretser DM

Abstract unavailableKeywords: inhibin; male; reproduction; gonadotrophins; FSH© 1991 Journals of Reproduction & Fertility Ltd...