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bp0017cpr23 | (1) | CPR2005

Structural, biochemical and functional aspects of sperm-oocyte interactions in pigs

Rath D. , Topfer-Petersen E. , Michelmann H. W. , Schwartz P. , von Witzendorff D. , Ebeling S. , Ekhlasi-Hundrieser M. , Piehler E. , Petrunkina A. , Romar R.

Polyspermic fertilization is still a major issue in porcine IVF systems. New information is available to characterize the zona pellucida (ZP) at different developmental stages by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and by confocal microscopy to show the distribution of ZP glycoproteins. SEM images indicated no differences between in vivo and in vitro matured oocytes; however a change in the surface structure between immature and matured oocytes, as well as between mature ...