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bp0003rdr1 | Maternal-Embryo Interactions | REDR1994

Oviduct proteins in fertilization and early embryo development

Nancarrow CD , Hill JL

The oviduct controls the environment in which the gametes are transported and fuse, and in which embryonic development begins. The ultrastructural topography of the ampulla and isthmus is similar, consisting of ciliated and secretory cells, but a different array of proteins is secreted by each segment along with various serum components. Amino acids are selectively secreted by the oviduct; these amino acids probably interact with the gametes or embryo to facilitate the process...

bp0001redr18 | (1) | REDR1980

The early pregnancy factor of sheep and cattle

Nancarrow CD , Wallace ALC , Grewal AS

Summary. The appearance and production of an early pregnancy factor (EPF) has been studied in sheep and cattle. This factor can be detected in serum and tissues of pregnant animals by its synergistic action with antilymphocyte serum in reducing the number of rosettes formed in a rosette inhibition test. The range of the rosette inhibition titre for serum from non-pregnant animals was 4–10. Values higher than these were considered to indicate the presence ...

bp0002rdr22 | Transgenesis | REDR1990

Expression and physiology of performance regulating genes in transgenic sheep

Nancarrow CD , Marshall JTA , Clarkson JL , Murray JD , Millard RM , Shanahan CM , Wynn PC , Ward KA

Abstract unavailableKeywords: growth hormone; transgenic sheep; pituitary; lipids; reproduction; metabolic hormones© 1991 Journals of Reproduction & Fertility Ltd...