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bp0018cpr36 | State-of-The Art in Conceptus-Uterus Interactions/Early Pregnancy Signaling | CPR2009

Antiluteolytic mechanisms and the establishment of pregnancy in the pig

Waclawik A. , Blitek A. , Kaczmarek M.M. , Kiewisz J. , Ziecik A.J.

Extended exposure of progesterone and conceptus estrogen influences the vascular compartment of the uterus and expression of many factors, such as prostaglandins (PGs), growth factors, extracellular matrix and adhesion molecules, cytokines and transcription factors. One of the supportive mechanisms by which the conceptus inhibits luteolysis is by changing PG synthesis in favor of luteoprotective PGE2. Alteration in PG synthesis may result from increased PGE synthase (mPG...