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bp0018cpr10 | State of The Art in-omic Biology of Swine | CPR2009

The role of gene discovery, QTL analyses and gene expression in reproductive traits in the pig

Onteru S.K. , Ross J.W. , Rothschild M.F.

The reproductive performance of the sow is one of the key factors affecting production profitability of the pig industry. Reproductive traits are in general, lowly heritable, and with reliable markers, they can be used to enhance current selection procedures for improvement of these traits. To find potential markers, large scale quantitative trait loci (QTL) and candidate gene studies have been conducted for reproductive traits. The present review discusses QTL and candi...

bp0018cpr17 | Maturation of The Pre-ovulatory Follicle | CPR2009

Transcriptional, post-transcriptional and epigenetic control of porcine oocyte maturation and embryogenesis

Prather R.S. , Ross J.W. , Clay Isom S , Green J.A.

Embryogenesis is a complex process that is controlled at various levels. As new discoveries are made about molecular mechanisms that control development in other species, it is apparent that these same mechanisms regulate pig embryogenesis as well. Methylation of DNA and modification of histones regulate transcription, and mechanisms such as ubiquitinization, autophagy and microRNAs regulate development post-transcriptionally. Each of these systems of regulation is highl...

bp0017cpr10 | (1) | CPR2005

Maternal recognition of pregnancy signal or endocrine disruptor: The two faces of oestrogen during establishment of pregnancy in the pig

Geisert R.D. , Ross J.W. , Ashworth J.W. , White F.J. , Johnson G.A. , DeSilva U.

Timing of conceptus growth and attachment to the uterine luminal epithelium is regulated by progesterone secretion from the corpus luteum and by expression of progesterone receptor in the uterine epithelia and stroma. Conceptus growth and uterine attachment are temporally associated with the disappearance of progesterone receptors from uterine epithelia. While the loss of progesterone receptor from the endometrial epithelia on day 10 of the oestrous cycle and pregnancy h...