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bp0017cpr21 | (1) | CPR2005

Deciphering the pig genome to understand gamete production

Rohrer G.A. , Wise T.H. , Ford J.J.

The field of livestock genomics has made considerable advances in the past decade. In the area of pig reproduction, a number of genome scans have identified several genomic regions associated with variation in reproductive measures ranging from ovulation rate, litter size and testis size. Additionally, several candidate genes have been associated with variation in litter size. These studies primarily focused on developing genetic markers to facilitate selection decisions...

bp0017cpr8 | (1) | CPR2005

Genetic variation in sperm production

Ford J.J. , McCoard S.A. , Wise T.H. , Lunstrau T.H. , Rohrer G.A.

In boars, the primary determinant of daily sperm production is the number of Sertoli cells, which establishes testicular weight. The only breed comparison of foetal testicular development in boars contrasted two diverse breeds, White composite (WC, Landrace-Yorkshire) with Meishan, a Chinese breed that undergoes pubertal development at a young age and has small testicular size. During the prenatal period, the pattern of change in testicular development is similar in thes...