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bp0014cpr13 | Reproductive Management | CPR1993

Seasonal effects on fertility in gilts and sows

Love R. J. , Evans G. , Klupie C. ,

The ancestral wild pig is a short day length seasonal breeder. The domestic pig appears to have retained some of this seasonality as evidenced by a reduction in fertility during the summer—autumn period. The most important aspect of this seasonality is a reduction in the number of mated sows that farrow. Many of these sows conceive and embryos develop normally for 20 - 25 days before pregnancy is terminated and the sow returns to oestrus (25 - 35 days after mating). In ot...

bp0006rdr2 | Male Reproduction | REDR2006

Seminal plasma effects on sperm handling and female fertility

Maxwell WMC , de#Graaf SP , Ghaoui R#El-Hajj , Evans G

The components of ruminant seminal plasma and their influence on the fertility of spermatozoa are reviewed. Seminal plasma can both inhibit and stimulate sperm function and fertility through the multifunctional actions of organic and inorganic components. These effects are now better understood because the composition of the seminal plasma, including its protein content and that of other structures, specifically membrane vesicles, has been clarified. Spermatozoa gain motility ...