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bp0019cpr6 | Oocyte-embryo Interplay with in vitro or in vivo milieu | CPR2013

Transcriptional profiling of oocyte maturation and embryonic development elucidates metabolism and control of development

Prather Randall S. , Brown Alana , Spate Lee D. , Redel Bethany K. , Whitworth Kristin M. , Whyte Jeffrey J.

With the advent of next generation sequencing platforms (RNA-seq), transcriptional profiling permits the characterization of millions of RNAs from even the most limiting samples like early embryos. High-throughput RNA-seq can generate over 600 gigabases (Gb) in a single sequencing run, providing a near-complete record of all of the genes expressed in a sample at the time of collection. Condensing and finding coherence in the immense amount of raw data generated by transc...