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Control of Pig Reproduction VIII

Control of Pig Reproduction VIII

Breeding Management Programs for The Future

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Growth, body state and breeding performance in gilts and primiparous sows

Bortolozzo F.P. , Bernardi M.L. , Kummer R. , Wentz I.

Optimizing gilt management is a critical point to improve breeding herd efficiency. This review describes the effects of growth rate (GR) and body state at onset of puberty stimulation or at first mating on gilt puberty attainment, productivity and sow longevity. Traditional management practices should be re-evaluated with attention to different modern genotypes. It is difficult to discern the real effects of age, weight, backfat depth and estrus number at first insemina...

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Genetic selection for lifetime reproductive performance

Clutter A.C.

Genetic improvement of sow lifetime reproductive performance has value from both the economic perspectives of pork producers and the pork industry, but also from the perspective of ethical and animal welfare concerns by the general public. Genetic potential for piglets produced from individual litters is a primary determinant of lifetime prolificacy, but females must be able to sustain productivity without injury or death beyond the achievement of positive net present va...