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Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants VI

Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants VI

Reproductive Manangement

bp0006rdr13 | Reproductive Manangement | REDR2006

Socio-sexual signalling and gonadal function: Opportunities for reproductive management in domestic ruminants

Ungerfeld R

The aims of this review are to summarize the common biological basis of the responses to social stimulus in domestic ruminants and to consider the research still required in order to put this knowledge to practical use on the farm. The mechanisms involved in the stimulation of sheep and goat females, including both the expected ovarian and behavioural responses, are described. In most breeds, the male effect may be used effectively to induce ovulation during seasonal anoestrus...

bp0006rdr14 | Reproductive Manangement | REDR2006

Technologies for fixed-time artificial insemination and their influence on reproductive performance of Bos indicus cattle

Bó GA , Cutaia L , Peres LC , Pindnato D , Maraña D , Baruselli PS

The adaptation of Bos indicus cattle to tropical and subtropical environments has led to their widespread distribution around the world. Although artificial insemination (AI) is one of the best alternatives to introduce new genetics into Bos indicus herds, the peculiarity of their temperament and the tendency to show short oestrus (many of them during the night) greatly affects the effectiveness of genetic improvement programs. Therefore, the most useful alte...

bp0006rdr15 | Reproductive Manangement | REDR2006

Fertility in high-producing dairy cows: Reasons for decline and corrective strategies for sustainable improvement

MC Lucy

The fertility of dairy cows has declined worldwide and this change is surprising given the importance of good fertility to the dairy industry. The decline in fertility can be explained by management changes within the dairy industry and also negative genetic correlations between milk production and reproduction. Four primary mechanisms that depress fertility in lactaling cows are anovulatory and behavioral anestrus (failure to cycle and display estrus), suboptimal and irregula...