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Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants VI

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Editorial: Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants

Webb R

As stated in the first Proceedings, the economically important domestic species have been the subject of ongoing reproductive research over many decades. The aims of researchers and clinicians have been directed at increasing fecundity and fertility, to manipulate reproduction for simpler management, to increase the genetic influence of selected individuals and importantly to improve animal welfare. A group of international researchers initiated the first symposium in Australi...

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Nuclear organization of the protamine locus

Martins RP , Krawetz SA

The human protamine gene cluster consists of three tightly regulated genes, protamine 1 (PRM1), protamine 2 (PRM2) and transition protein 2 (TNP2). Their products are required to repackage the paternal genome during spermiogenesis into a functional gamete. They reside within a single DNase I-sensitive domain associated with the sperm nuclear matrix, bounded by two haploid-specific Matrix Attachment Regions. The nuclear matrix is a dynamic proteinaceous network that is associat...