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Reproduction in Domestic Ruminants II

bp0002rdr18 | Oocyte Maturation | REDR1990

Manipulation of oocytes and in-vitro fertilization

Crozet N

Abstract unavailableKeywords: oocyte; maturation; fertilization; ruminants© 1991 Journals of Reproduction & Fertility Ltd...

bp0002rdr19 | Oocyte Maturation | REDR1990

Production of embryos by oocyte cytoplast–blastomere fusion in domestic animals

First NL , Prather RS

Summary. Embryos of amphibians, sheep, cattle, pigs and rabbits have been multiplied by nuclear transfer. Successful nuclear transfer in these species has been accomplished by transfer of a blastomere from a late-stage embryo into an enucleated oocyte with large scale multiplication by repeating the procedure using blastomeres from the embryos produced from nuclear transfer. This allows the production of clonal lines which, when appropriately selected for perf...

bp0002rdr20 | Oocyte Maturation | REDR1990

Derivation of pluripotent, embryonic cell lines from the pig and sheep

Notarianni Elena , Galli C , Laurie S , Moor RM , Evans MJ

Summary. As previously described for the establishment of stable, pluripotent cell lines from pig blastocysts, an analogous cell line was isolated from a sheep blastocyst. There are common features in the morphologies and growth characteristics of the pig and sheep cells in culture; in particular, pig and sheep cells display large nuclei and relatively sparse cytoplasm, as is observed in mouse embryonic stem cells. Furthermore, the morphology of the sheep cell...