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bp0004rdr6 | Neuroendocrine Relationships | REDR1998

Regulation of GnRH receptor gene expression in sheep and cattle

Turzillo AM , Nett TM

The GnRH receptor plays a pivotal role in reproduction. This review summarizes current knowledge of the regulation of GnRH receptor gene expression by endocrine factors in sheep and cattle. Expression of the GnRH receptor gene, measured by steady-state amounts of GnRH receptor messenger RNA (mRNA), is maximal during the preovulatory period. The molecular events leading to maximal GnRH receptor gene expression are probably triggered by decreased circulating concentrations of pr...

bp0002rdr15 | Regulation of Folliculogenesis | REDR1990

Follicle selection in domestic ruminants

Fortune JE , Sirois J , Turzillo AM , Lavoir M

Summary. Ultrasound imaging has shown that cattle exhibit 2 or 3 waves of follicular development during an oestrous cycle. The waves consist of the contemporaneous appearance, about every 7 days, of a group of follicles ≥ 5 mm in diameter. One follicle gradually becomes larger than the rest (i.e. dominant). There are several lines of evidence suggesting that the waves occur regularly under conditions of basal LH and FSH. (1) Cycles with 3 waves of follic...