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bp0002rdr14 | Regulation of Folliculogenesis | REDR1990

Gonadotrophic control of follicle growth in the ewe

McNeilly AS , Picton HM , Campbell BK , Baird DT

Summary. Preovulatory follicle growth in the ewe is dependent on FSH although no precise relationship appears to exist between plasma concentrations of FSH and the number of preovulatory follicles which develop or ovulation rate. This may be related to a hitherto unrecognized influence of pulsatile LH on the growth of large follicles. Preovulatory follicle growth is dependent on the presence of basal amounts of LH, but pulsatile LH, while being essential to su...

bp0005rdr33 | Ruminant Models for Human Clinical Medicine | REDR2002

Growth and maturation of oocytes in vitro

Picton HM , Danfour MA , Harris SE , Chambers EL , and Huntriss J

The development of technologies to grow and mature oocytes from the most abundant primordial follicles holds many attractions for clinical practice, animal production technology and research. However, despite much research attention, it has proved difficult to grow follicles from early stages to maturity in vitro, as relatively little is known about the biology of oogenesis. It is clear that throughout oocyte development in vivo, follicle cell support is fund...

bp0008rdr25 | The Eric Lamming Memorial Session | REDR2014

Ovarian function in domestic ruminants: Mechanistic and translational aspects

Campbell BK , Hernandez-Medrano J , McNeilly AS , Webb R , Picton HM

Abstract. The purpose of this review is to illustrate the critical value of integration of both in vitro and whole animal approaches in order to make real progress in terms of understanding the underlying mechanisms controlling ovarian follicle development and also in utilising domestic ruminants as models for the human in the translational development of interventions to address infertility. In terms of mechanistic aspects, this review concentrates o...