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bp0016cpr22 | New Technologies | CPR2001

Deep intrauterine insemination and embryo transfer in pigs

Martinez E. A. , Vazquez J. M , Roca J. , Lucas X. , Gil M. A. , Vazquez J. L.

A new method for non-surgical deep intrauterine catheterization of pigs, without sedation of the sow, is described. Insemination results obtained with this method using fresh spermatozoa demonstrate that, in comparison to conventional artificial insemination (Al) (3 × 109 spermatozoa in 80-100 ml), a 20-60-fold reduction in the number of spermatozoa inseminated and at least a 8-10-fold reduction in the dose volume can be used without affecting fertility ...

bp0018cpr3 | Physiological Roles of The Boar Ejaculate | CPR2009

Optimal characteristics of spermatozoa for semen technologies in pigs

Parrilla I. , Vazquez J.M. , Caballero I. , Gil M.A. , Hernandez M , Roca J. , Lucas X. , Martinez E.A.

Despite the great potential of sperm technologies such as sperm cryopreservation and sperm sex sorting for the improvement of different aspects of swine production, artificial insemination with fresh or stored semen is currently the only sperm technology used at a commercial scale in the pig industry. The lower reproductive performance associated with the use of these sperm technologies is the reason for such limited use. Since optimal characteristics are required for su...