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bp0005rdr4 | Overview of Ruminant Reproduction Problems | REDR2002

The main challenges facing camel reproduction research in the 21st century

Skidmore JA

The reproductive efficiency of camels under their natural pastoral conditions is low. The reasons for this low reproductive efficiency include the short breeding season, the late age of reaching puberty and the long gestation period of 13 months. The introduction of controlled breeding programmes is important but several problems have to be considered. For example, oestrous behaviour is very vague and difficult to interpret, as it does not often relate to follicular developmen...

bp0007rdr34 | Unique Aspects of Reproduction in Diverse Ruminant Species | REDR2010

Unique strategies to control reproduction in camels

Skidmore JA , Morton KM , Billah M

The reproductive efficiency of camels is low under natural pastural conditions and so the use of artifical insemination and embryo transfer are becoming increasingly important to improve their breeding potential. Methods to control their reproductive cycle are therefore essential. This review describes characteristics of the ovarian follicular wave pattern in camels and exogenous hormonal control of ovulation. It also summarizes the difficulties involved with artifical insemin...