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bp0004rdr1 | Follicular Development | REDR1998

Control of early ovarian follicular development

McNatty KP , Heath DA , Lundy T , Fidler AE , Quirke L , O'Connell A , Smith P , Groome N , Tisdall DJ

Early follicular growth refers to the development of an ovarian follicle from the primordial to early antral phase. In sheep and cows these phases of growth can be classified by the configuration of granulosal cells in the largest cross–section of the follicle as types 1 (primordial), la (transitory) 2 (primary), 3 and 4 (preantral) and 5 (early antral). Follicles classified as type 1 may be highly variable within each species with respect to number of granulosal cells an...