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bp0004rdr34 | Reproductive Technology | REDR1998

Activation of primordial follicles in vitro

Fortune JE , Kito S , Byrd DD

The resting pool of primordial follicles in mammalian ovaries is a potential resource for the genetic manipulation of domestic animals, the preservation of endangered species, and the amelioration of some forms of infertility in humans. Exploitation of this large reservoir of follicles depends on the development of methods for activating primordial follicles to begin growth in vitro and of methods for sustaining follicular growth to the stage at which oocytes are capa...

bp0007rdr16 | Oocyte and Follicular Development in Ruminants | REDR2010

The earliest stages of follicular development: Follicle formation and activation

JE Fortune , Yang MY , Muruvi W

The formation of primordial follicles to establish a reservoir of resting follicles and the gradual depletion of that reservoir to provide a succession of growing follicles are key to female fertility, but little is known about the regulation of these early stages of follicular development. This review summarizes the efforts of our laboratory to elucidate these critical processes in cattle. Primordial follicles first appear in fetal ovaries around the end of the first trimeste...

bp0002rdr15 | Regulation of Folliculogenesis | REDR1990

Follicle selection in domestic ruminants

Fortune JE , Sirois J , Turzillo AM , Lavoir M

Summary. Ultrasound imaging has shown that cattle exhibit 2 or 3 waves of follicular development during an oestrous cycle. The waves consist of the contemporaneous appearance, about every 7 days, of a group of follicles ≥ 5 mm in diameter. One follicle gradually becomes larger than the rest (i.e. dominant). There are several lines of evidence suggesting that the waves occur regularly under conditions of basal LH and FSH. (1) Cycles with 3 waves of follic...