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bp0018cpr1 | Physiological Roles of The Boar Ejaculate | CPR2009

The physiological roles of the boar ejaculate

Rodriguez-Martinez H. , Kvist U. , Saravia F. , Wallgren M. , Johannissono A. , Sanz L. , Pena F.J. , Martinez E.A. , Roca J. , Vazquez J.M. , Calvete J.J.

During ejaculation in the boar, sperm cohorts emitted in epididymal cauda fluid are sequentially exposed and resuspended in different mixtures of accessory sex gland secretion. This paper reviews the relevance of such unevenly composed fractions of seminal plasma (SP) in vivo on sperm transport and sperm function and how this knowledge could benefit boar semen processing for artificial insemination (Al). The firstly ejaculated spermatozoa (first 10 ml of the spe...