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Bioscientifica Proceedings (2020) 18 CPRCPR8 | DOI: 10.1530/biosciprocs.18.0008

CPR2009 Control of Pig Reproduction VIII Future Developments in Swine Al (5 abstracts)

Binding of porcine spermatozoa to uterine epithelial cells modulates the female immune response and might indicate the formation of a pre-oviductal sperm reservoir

U. Taylor 1 , H. Zerbe 2 , H.M. Seyfert 3 & D. Rath 1 and H.J. Schuberth

1Institute of Farm Animal Genetics, Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute, Federal Research Institute for Animal Health, 31535 Neustadt, Germany; 2Clinic for Ruminants, LMU Munich, 85764 Oberschleissheim, Germany; 3Research Institute for the Biology of Farm Animals, 18196 Dummerstorf, Germany; 4Institute of Immunology, University of Veterinary Medicine, 30173 Hanover, Germany

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